Children, Wheelchairs

Diagram 091: If Children Made Wheelchairs

Diagram 091 - If Children Made Wheelchairs 2


Growing up with a “cool” wheelchair was one of the principle reasons I grew up feeling secure and confident in who I was; with other children jealous instead of being frightened of my wheelchair.

Engaging, exciting and informing young kids about wheelchairs is a small way to educate those who are able-bodied about those who are not.

Activity, Sport

Diagram 024: Let’s Get Physical


Whatever your situation, doing all that you can to be fit, healthy and independent can only be a good thing. If a particular sport or activity is impossible, try and enjoy what aspects of it you can regardless, and if it’s a practical task, try and adapt where appropriate to maximise independence.


Diagram 061: Applying for a Job

Diagram 061: Getting a JobIf you have a disability, it is undoubtably a significant factor in shaping your personality and life experiences, regardless of whether you think of yourself as “disabled”. Sell yourself in all your glory. Then when you get the job, you know you are right for the company. And more importantly the company is right for you.